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Our Services





Our Services

EdenWeb helps small to medium businesses create an online presence using our hosted website management platform.

Automatically mobile-friendly, fast, easy-to-setup and easy-to-manage, your business website is now within your reach at a price you can afford.




What We Offer


Domain Management

Domain Setup
and Security

Whether you need to create a new domain or manage an existing domain, EdenWeb can help secure your domain name and renew it annually.

We can also setup a secure certificate for your website, so visitors can feel safe that any personal details they share with you are secure.


Website Management

Website Setup
and Hosting

Using our own website management platform, EdenWeb can build your website in record time and host it at an affordable monthly cost.

You can manage your website's content with your own secure login, or have us manage your content for you at a monthly or ad-hoc rate.


Email Management

Email Setup
and Hosting

If you're looking for professional email hosting, EdenWeb can setup email hosting with your own domain name.

Using your own domain automatically raises confidence levels of potential clients.

mike@bayplumbing.co.za is far better than plumberbay89@gmail.com.



Additional Services


Logo Design

Logo Design

Your logo is the signature for your business. EdenWeb can help you create a professional logo that people will remember.


SEO Setup

SEO Setup

While setting up your website within our platform, we can include keywords and content that will better search engine rankings.

These can be managed at any time to improve the performance of your site in search engine results.


Website Analytics

Website Analytics

Google Analytics can be easily integrated with your website, helping you track activity across your site. This will help you gain insights into who your site visitors are.